Speak out on behalf of quality public higher education.

The Mission to Be Heard

You can support public higher education in Connecticut

1.) Stay in touch with us

Become an Advocate: Fill in the form below, let us know who you are and that you support quality public higher education.


2.) Contact your legislators and the Board of Regents

What to say: 

If you want to be brief:

Hi, my name is _________, I’m a citizen of Connecticut and live in _________. I am calling/writing today to express my support for the state universities. Please work to protect the funding and quality of public higher education in Connecticut.

If you want to add more:

  • Identify yourself and state that you are calling or writing about the need to adequately fund the Connecticut state universities and to ensure that the best possible education is provided.
  • If you are contacting your legislator, make sure to tell them that you are a constituent (that they are your representative or senator).
  • Think ahead of time about specific points you would like to make.  Consider the following:
    • I am calling/writing in support of Connecticut’s state universities.
    • I do support quality public higher education.
    • I do support student based learning in which students get to work with faculty/mentors to receive a broad based education that prepares them for work and life.
    • I do support the importance of affordable higher education in CT and believe that support of faculty matters to the future and integrity of our state.
    • I do not support any attempt to privatize or corporatize our state’s universities.
    • Look at the CT Higher Education Education Matters and use the information there as a guide.
    • Ask for support of your views.

You can, of course, add anything else that you’d like. Discuss the issues you feel are most important.

Who to contact?

Use the links below to contact:

3.) Write an Editorial or Op-Ed piece for your local newspaper

Find contact information from you local newspaper here: